About Us

We met on August 8, 2009 at a boozy nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia...A romance begins, right?
Our first date was a home cooked meal, by Toby, and Sarah was won over. We were lucky enough to enjoy each other's company and started dating...Our first big event one month after meeting was Sarah's brothers wedding!  Toby got to meet the whole family after just a month of dating! Love ensues... 
                                           We got married on June 10, 2011in Atlanta, Georgia where Sarah worked at a children's clothing company, and Toby had recently finished up two tours in Iraq and was currently setting up his first CrossFit gym.

We got into the habit of traveling, Sarah quit her job, Toby sold his gyms, and we ended up in Recife, Brazil. This blog was originally a way for close friends and family to keep in contact with us as we made our way through life, but it quickly grew into something a bit more fun. We're adapting to a completely new culture and enjoy sharing our stories with you, we hope you like them too.

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